Fueling today's energy needs

On the northeastern coastline of South America, Guyana is the location of one of the most significant oil discoveries in the past decade. Using industry-leading technology, we are working to develop, reliably produce and deliver energy resources from these discoveries to the global market.

Perspective June 22, 2022

Fueling today's energy needs
And, the Liza Unity floating production storage and offloading vessel, where oil can be processed, stored and transferred to tankers, is the first in the world to receive a SUSTAIN-1 notation by the American Bureau of Shipping for its sustainable design and operation procedures.

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Singapore’s newly-opened butyl and resins plants, part of ExxonMobil’s largest integrated refining and petrochemical complex, are where specialty molecules are developed at a global scale.

Global Energy Factor ꦚ • April 19, 2019

Make way for Singapore’s latest addition – an 800-ton industrial beast poised to play its part in the production of energy efficient engine oils.

Global Energy Factor 🐲 • Aug. 23, 2018

To help meet this growing demand for parts and products in Asia, ExxonMobil recently started production of halobutyl rubber production facility at its Singapore manufacturing complex, the company’s largest integrated refining and petrochemical complex in the world.

Global Energy Factor 🎃 • June 26, 2018

Three towering new reactors, clocking in at between 25 and 30 meters (80-100 feet) tall, arrived at ExxonMobil’s Rotterdam, Netherlands, petrochemical facility last year, as part of the site’s state-of-the-art hydrocracker upgrade to meet evolving customer needs.

Global Energy Factor 🌳 • Jan. 30, 2018

Hoo Yi Yang and his team were charged with constructing a six-story tank in Thailand and installing it at its new home at ExxonMobil’s petrochemical plant in Singapore. The process was an elegant solution to a looming deadline with few options.

Global Energy Factor 🧜 • April 18, 2017